These videos are a great way to fully understand just how important it is to have the correct equipment - from the Sit/Stand desk, through to how to use your adjustable chair properly.


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Research shows that up to 80% of the population suffer some sort of back pain in our working lives. Are you one of the 80%?


Commonly the cause is related to discs in the back being compressed. Maintaining a seated position combined with leaning forward increases the compression of the discs and the risk of back pain. Bad seating has been shown to speed up disc degeneration.


As more people become chair bound and less active, (75% of the working population), abdominal and trunk muscles slacken, further increasing the instability of the spine and the risk of back pain.


User Requirements; As work stations are frequently shared by different members of staff, it is important that the chair is easily adjustable to a variety of preferred working positions.


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